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My Mom & Me!

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My Dear Friends,

Happy Mother’s Day!  Today I am reprinting a column I wrote a few years back that truly comes from the bottom of my heart about this special occasion. The sentiment still holds true and well worth repeating. Hope you enjoy! Shhhh!
My Mom & Me!  (Reprint from Detroit Free Press May 10th, 2009)
Today I pay tribute to all Moms. Happy Mother’s Day!

I do not have any children but have great admiration for those of you that do. The challenge mothers face in our ever-changing world to nurture and teach the next generation must seem overwhelming at times. Yet, many of you do it without batting an eyelash while showing the great unconditional and unwavering love that only a mother can have.

Of course, I have to mention my beautiful mother. She is a true representative of the ageless beauty I constantly preach about. Truth be told – of all the training and certifications I have received as a professional in my field of lifestyle counseling and relationship advising my greatest lessons in life have come from my Mom and Dad. Therefore:

To my Mother – Happy Mothers’ Day! I send you my love in this blog entry. (I know this has got to be a first.) I owe so much to you and wanted to publicly thank you. I can’t wait to celebrate with the whole family. We always have so much fun which is a true tribute to the way you raised us.

To all Mothers – Take satisfaction in knowing that you are appreciated. If your children do not seem grateful for all your sacrifices take solace in knowing that in the greater picture your role in their lives is always significant. Now get out there and enjoy your day!

To all others – Let’s try to remember our Moms every day. Show her appreciation whenever you can. If your relationship with your Mom was or is less than remarkable, please remember that she still played an integral part in making you who you are. For those who have Mothers that have passed on, remember that she lives on in your heart.

Well – that’s it for today. I leave you with the photo below of my Mom and me. Isn’t she beautiful?! I love her soooooooooooo much!




Feel free to write back with your questions, thoughts and/or comments. Well, I hope you have a great day and always remember to LOL!

Life is too short so I say – InJOY!  

 Love ya,

Cyndi Targosz


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4 Responses to "My Mom & Me!"

  1. I love your picture with your mom and love your post!! Happy Honorary Mother’s Day to you!!

    1. Cyndi Targosz says:

      Thank you Cynthia! How nice to hear from u. Happy Mothers day to you too! Hope it was fun! 🙂

  2. Anita says:

    Cyndi.what an awesome picture of you and your mom. She is one special lady. I love making her laugh whenever I see her telling her ” it’s me, the floozie”

    1. Cyndi Targosz says:

      Hi Anita! You just gave me a good giggle. Isn’t it wonderful to laugh. You certainly are a JOY! TY for the feedback and have a great week. InJOY! Cyndi

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